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By passing the CPHQ exam and getting CPHQ certification the potential to be selected by a reputed company as an employee is enhanced which is the ultimate goal of your strategy so you need to see this a a journey to be more skilled and more knowledgeable which makes you precious for future employers. The aim is to build a strong fundamental knowledge in Healthcare Quality if one wants to build a long career in healthcare quality. Else even if you pass the exam, you would not be able to give good job performance.

CPHQ Exam preparation requires Strategy like a game of chess. A good player of chess works with a strategy and all moves are a part of an overall strategy, are planned in advance and the player is always in control of the game. Similarly, a good CPHQ candidate needs to have absolute control on exam preparation. While in chess you may have variable levels of opponents some much better than you, in CPHQ exam the level of difficulty is fixed and uniform which can be overcome with right preparation and strategy and you can be successful.

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The following is the key strategy to prepare for and pass the CPHQ Exam

Each individual CPHQ candidate is unique and different and has a different background in healthcare which impacts on his understanding of healthcare quality.

Irrespective of individual past experience and current level of knowledge the following needs to be done by all candidates, some may spend less time on preparation, and some more but the gist of all preparation is as laid down below.

  • KNOWLEDGE – Theoretical Knowledge of Healthcare Quality & Healthcare Quality Management – Get hold of the best theoretical resources available. Attend seminars if held in your region. Participate in online forum discussions if you have questions. As long as you have reviewed the important concepts and topics from any good gook, it does not in the end matter which book you read as the final stage of examination preparation involves practicing hundreds of practice questions. If you are able to understand and know the right answers thats what all is a judge of your knowledge and grasp on the subject.

Each candidate will need to see his/her current level of knowledge in healthcare quality to decide the initial set of study material / books. You can always go to a comprehensive book once you have completed the basic study material. For some candidates, starting with the most comprehensive book at initial stage may be counter productive and demotivating.

Without a good preparation study most people who first review about taking CPHQ Certification do not have adequate knowledge in healthcare quality to pass the CPHQ Exam. This can lead to three scenarios based on how one moves forward. Either the person will not prepare well, be over confident and under-estimate the level of difficulty of CPHQ Exam which will lead to a definite failure. Others will perceive the exam to be too difficult and overestimate its difficulty and give up. The third category will make a study plan to close the gaps in knowledge and as they go along studying they will realize that it is a 100% achievable objective.

You can write to us at with as much details about your current work and past work experience for us to give you an individualized advice on how to go about the recommended study material.

  • APPLICATION OF KNOWLEDGE – Practical Experience of having applied this knowledge – This leads to development of skills to apply knowledge of healthcare quality and quality management. One must do practical work by associating with quality department activities of the healthcare organization you are part of and participate in Quality Activities of your department and rest of hospital/organization’s departments. This actually complements the gaining of knowledge as explained in the previous section. A person with practical experience will have a better and rapid understanding of the books he/she reads to gain more knowledge on healthcare quality.
  • GOOD TECHNIQUES UTILIZATION & PRACTICE TESTS – Application of good Studying & Exam giving Techniques – This includes preparation of good quality revision notes essential to memorize vital concepts. People who have good knowledge and practical experience can still be unsuccessful because of their preparation techniques and lack of enough practice tests. Doing large number of practice tests helps in making individual strategies and getting awareness about one’s ability to answer questions in a limited period of time. However, note that it is wrong to start your preparation with Practice tests without building up a strong foundation of knowledge in healthcare quality.


Few more important points before we end this blog article.

  • If your organization is in process of initial or renewal certification/accreditation then it is an excellent opportunity to volunteer and be member of as many relevant teams or committees which gives to opportunity to participate in the certification/accreditation survey. In such scenario time your CPHQ exam immediately post survey (best within 15 to 30 days)
  • CPHQ Certification exams are known to be tough so we cannot do them without a thorough preparation.
  • Just theoretical knowledge of Healthcare Quality is not enough. Both strong theoretical knowledge and extensive questions practice is required.
  • Several situational questions are asked in the exam which would be difficult for a person with no practical experience working in Healthcare Quality.
  • Being outside USA is not a reason to not be confident about your prospects to clear the CPHQ exam, every year hundreds of non-USA candidates are also successful in getting certified.

Key take home message of this blog article for all CPHQ Exam candidates is that there is no substitute to practical experience working along in a Quality Department and Self Study using good study material and doing practice tests.




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